Shaolin China

The characteristics of Shaolin Kung Fu is focus on martial art, on the basis of actual combat. Therefore, the structure of set small, compact, vigorous and rapid action, and flexible, consciousness, unity of action. In the square, is back, go. The boxing manager said: "the body is used to step into, longitudinal, hand entry, or into or back, or up or down, when all was on"
Shaolin Kung Fu refers to the historical formation of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan this special Buddhist culture environment, Buddhism to the divine faith based, fully embodies the Buddhist Zen wisdom system, traditional culture and Shaolin Temple monks practice martial arts as the main form. This culture system has a complete technical and theoretical system. It takes martial arts skills and routines as its form of expression, with the Buddhist belief and the wisdom of Zen as its cultural connotation. Statue of Damour as the founder of Shaolin Kung fu. The current academic thought, "Damour said." is a kind of literature. The martial arts style actually began in the Northern Qi Dynasty Zen monkShaolin China